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Support & Compression ProductsFeel and Look Great

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Pink Tree The Fitting Shop has all the supplies you need for support and compression. Pink Tree carries top quality brands from all the leading manufacturers of supportive products/supplies. From injury recovery to pregnancy and fluid retention relief, our certified fitters will help you find the products you need.

Sigvaris Wash


Stockings & Socks

Our compression stockings help relieve many conditions, including tired and heavy legs, post sclerotherapy, swelling as a result of prolonged standing and sitting, or for traveling. These stockings also help with pregnancy-related swelling, varicose veins, leg ulcers, and lymphedema.

Keep your feet warm and experience added support along with compression for swollen feet with our socks. We have winter and summer varieties that easily fit in any type of shoe.

Compression Sleeves


Compression arm sleeves are recommended to bring down swelling due to lymphedema or injury, and then to maintain those results. Gloves and gauntlets may be worn for symptoms of heaviness, tingling and swelling in the hands. Our certified and experienced fitters will help you select the right sleeve for your condition.

Lymphedema Pumps & Accessories for Compression Therapy

To treat primary and secondary lymphedema,Stocking gradient compression pumps are highly effective. You do need a prescription from your health care provider, whom we will work with when you order one. Therapy pumps from Pink Tree are special order. We also carry accessories to maintain optimal function of these pumps. Pink Tree is the licensed dealer for the Lympha Press pumps and accessories for Saskatchewan.

Orthotic Braces and Support


At Pink Tree, we have items to make athletes, those with back pain, and pregnant women more comfortable. Our orthotic braces and supports also remedy carpel tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, bunions, heel spurs, sprained ankles, and much more. Our abdominal binders and post surgical garments will assist recovery for a variety of conditions and will be fitted appropriately.

Mastectomy Supplies Feel and Look Beautiful

Feel and Look Beautiful

Breast health is important to everyone, and the experienced fitters at Pink Tree will ensure you are wearing a quality and stylish bra that fits properly. Look and feel your best. Pink Tree carries mastectomy garments and products from all the major manufacturers. Our certified fitters will listen, support and take care to ensure your satisfaction in the way you look and feel.

We are a proud supporter of


Mastectomy Bra

Compression Sleeves and Garments

Compression sleeves and garments are designed to apply pressure to the arm, hand or trunk to keep lymph moving in the right direction. Our experienced and certified fitters will help you get relief from lymphedema symptoms.

Mastectomy Bra

Mastectomy Bras and Swimwear

We carry specialty bras to aid in comfort and recovery from mastectomies and other breast surgeries. These bras are designed to house the prostheses or any other enhancers necessary to create balance. With extra padding and material made for sensitive post-operative skin, you'll get the comfort you need to assist in recovery. Come see our wide variety of mastectomy swimwear – many styles, sizes and colours.

Breast Prostetics

Breast Prosthetics

We have breast forms in shapes, sizes, and colors to fit many body types. They are lightweight and our products include shells for partial lumpectomies and reconstructive surgery. We have weighted breast forms to help the body maintain its balance, preventing back, neck, and posture problems. Our certified fitters will ensure that you look and feel your best with products from one of our many manufacturers.


Wigs & Accessories

Pink Tree The Fitting Shop also has wigs and accessories to help you cope with hair loss as a result of cancer treatment or Alopecia. We have every style, length, and color with customized fitting options. We also have scarves, head covers and wig accessories.


Hats & Turbans

For comfort, warmth, and sun protection, our store has hats and turbans to wear while experiencing hair loss or early re-growth.

Sun Smart Clothing

Sun protection is important for people of all ages, especially those with sensitive skin due to surgery or medications. Our SunSmart clothing includes long sleeve shirts, breathable pants, hats, jackets, and more to block harmful UVA & UVB rays and prevent sunburn.

Wigs and Wig Accessories Feel and Look Fantastic

Feel and Look Beautiful

At Pink Tree we carry top quality wigs to help you cope with hair loss as a result of cancer treatment, alopecia, thinning hair, and fashion. We also have a wide selection of scarves, head covers, and wig accessories to fit all your needs.

Mastectomy Bra

At Pink Tree, we have a great selection of top quality wigs for you to try on. We will help you choose the right length, colour, and style to look and feel your best. We will ensure proper fit and will provide you with all the necessary products to maintain a beautiful looking wig.

Wigs Wigs

Bra Fitting Feel and Look Your Best

Feel and Look Beautiful

A bra is something that we often take for granted but finding the right bra can do wonders for both your appearance and self-esteem. It may take time to find the right bra for you, but remember… you are worth it. At Pink Tree, It’s All About The Fit!

We carry Shapeez – Come get your best fit! Available in long and short styles


Mastectomy Bra

Get a professional fitting regularly. Your breast size will change along with other changes in your body (weight gain or loss, hormonal changes, pregnancy, surgery, etc). Our store features bras to fit everyone in healthy and comfortable styles. We can fit sizes 32AA to 46K. Breast health is important to everyone and the experienced fitters at Pink Tree will ensure you are wearing a quality and stylish bra that fits properly. Look and feel your best.


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